Work before/after the intervention


That they are the rules to restore:

· The first simple rule, but very important, é that of to ask for always the estimates to at least three Building Enterprises and to confront always, that be equal, the measures and the shouting detailed some intense activities.

When it is necessary it ask allowed and license?!?

· To change the supporting walls and the inside volume of a' residence. The Commune, in fact, should verify that some rules are observed.
· If the house é in a condominium keep present the general features: for example, color and type of the rolling shutters. Without permissions not possible é to build a fixed structure on the I terrace.

Well to remember that if they do not respect themselves the regulations, could be found us in the condition of dover to demolish broadenings and alterations or, at least, of to pay heavy sanctions.
· They do not serve authorizations to rearrange bath, kitchen, I pave or to do a controsoffittatura (go, however, respected the limits d' height).

Da It is necessary always present lieutenant that:

· The middle cost of a reorganization goes from 500 to 1,000 Euro to the mq to second of the intense activities to perform.
· In the residences that they have more of 50/60 years, và expected an extra of 20%, for possible unforeseen.
· Grosses operates of masonry have alone sense when to be wanted to extract a bath in more or to unite two apartments
· Instead of to beat down and to rebuild walls unite either to separate two local with interpareti or sliding panels: this way, do not have to ask allowed themselves; and it it is spent of except for.
· The kitchen to see expands visually the space: put, however, in the account you smell and noises in the stay or in hall.
· Before realizing a booth closet, keep in mind that the very marriage one does not be able to be smaller of 14 mq
· It is Possible to build an alone fireplace if lives all' last plan or if in the house c' é already the flue.
· To realize false ceilings advisable is alone if the ceilings are high more of 3 meters.
· It has been Timely to inform the Condominium dell' beginning of the intense activities: puts a message in the showcase in porter's lodge.
· If, during the intense activities, they come produced much rubble, have to be l' Enterprise to ask the permission to the Watchful of Zone to unload the all' outside. If it does not less than to lower them on the road from the window, it is given back necessary it ask l' Authorization and to pay a Town Tax for public occupation of ground.
· The times to restore I am rather long: also two months for an apartment of 100 mq.
How to distribute the environments: while it it is restored agrees to have already clear the distribution of the rooms.

How to appraise the estimates?!?

· Before signing contracts and give deposits verified that the Firm is registered to the Chamber of Commerce.
· You mistrust some prices torn and claim dall' Enterprise more possible details (putting all for registered).
· You make do other estimates with the same shouting and measures.