The Origins:

It began nearly from the null one, in far away 1976 the entrepreneurial adventure of Been born them FALBO when, after 20 years of job to the dependencies, decided to put itself in just.
The little means then stimulated the stubborn professional ability of the Holder to the search of a result always to the maximum levels. Attitude, then, transmitted to the Enzo son, by now totally integrated in Coadiuvato company and from the sinergica action of alli its Collaborators. Its realizations rispecchiano one logical sequence of joined technical progression to the application of more modern technologies in order to catch up a aim that of it represents the maxim:

To construct the quality.

Beyond to the increase of the productive dimension, Building Enterprise FALBO has known, in the course of the years, an increase of its horizons operated to you: accomplice one more and more opened mentality, they take to body realizations, also important, that they have interested all elements of the city woven one and its terziarie and productive infrastructures. Building Enterprise FALBO has always tried to understand which models have promoted the development of the constructions, which experiences and searches are practicable. Enzo FALBO, work gives approximately 20 years in the field of the building: it has begun young to be interested of the activity of father and its experience and its enthusiasm are increase to you constantly in time.

Today, Building Enterprise FALBO é one relief truth in the field of the building, in particolar way for the Placing end From Liguria and its Entroterra: from some years, in fact, the activity of Building Enterprise FALBO é concentrated and upgraded, above all, in the construction and restructure of apartments and villas.The job of the Enterprise, it consists is in the complete realization of building plans (from the foundations to the rifiniture), than in all those maintenance operations and restoration on the existing building patrimony (apartments, peasant, etc).Operating it is inEntroterra that on the Coast, the Company é succeeded to specialize itself in the resolution of problematic inherent maintenance and conservation of conglomerate cementizi armed to you that, usually, they come attacks from the agents chemical-physicists to you acclimatizes them; particular é the acquired experience in the field of the participations of impermeabilizzazione of covers are of traditional type that with I rendered of it elastic armys without some demolition; all this, thanks to the collaboration that é resolutions to to guarantee itself with other Artisan Enterprises of the territory that operate in all i inherent fields the building.

The Company:

Our correctness, the puntualità and the professionality in the execution of the jobs they represent, without doubt, an optimal guarantee for anyone it decides to address to we.

We construct the quality

Maxim of our expression professional: quality understanding like ability to devise, to conceive, to realize a plan in innovative way, that it is born from the choice of the materials, from coordination and from the staff modernization, in order to arrive to the realization of only works, also complex.